var Self [‘The Center is Everywhere’]

Imagine yourself in the pixels of the cover. What do you hear?

We hear this album.

The newest cassette from var Self is one part of a much larger project from New Economy. Dilated Time is honored to give physical release to this beautiful portion of that project.

The New Economy Project has really made a gem here. Minimal-newage-outdoor-ambient-wildlife-peacegiving genius. We can’t get enough of this tape, we become more engulfed in it with each listen, and sincerely believe that you will as well.

Order Here –┬á

Meticulously Hand-duped & hand assembled, limited to 30 some copies on red tapes and a couple more on other colors, too ­čÖé Free download of both sides A and B will be emailed to you (at the email you place your order with) at time of purchase!

***As an added bonus, every order will get another surprise tape from the DT catalog FREE!!! aaand a clutch of QR Code stickers that link to the var Self video (below) that you can stick on whatever you want!***

Thank you everyone for your continuous support of Dilated Time. I am  very excited for the direction the label is heading, and for the changes that are to come starting with this very release. Thank You, so so sooooo much! Please enjoy this tape all summer long, I know I will!
-Ethan // Dilated Time-