DTO.3 John Davey – Living Is Trying

Thats right, DTO.3 is here!

The third release on Dilated Time’s Organic division is from hometown-hero  John Davey.
This is John’s second full-length album and first vinyl release.
(more photos below all this text!)

Its a “collection of songs that ask questions, make statements about space and time relative to close & often romantic relationships, and is self-critiquing /observational”
John is an incredibly close friend of mine, and probably yours too ; just about all who know him seem to agree that he may be one of the best people on the face of this earth.
He writes incredibly sincere folk-pop gems that will break your heart and have you singing (and sincerely thinking) about the heartbreak all day. The melodies won’t leave your head, in the best of ways.
John has been working hard, touring, and writing relentlessly for over 7 years now. We are beyond honored to finally release some of the best songs he’s ever written on vinyl for the first time.

We at DT think this is a phenomenal record, and we hope you do too.  We pressed it to a mere 250 “minty-fresh” green & hand-numbered LPs.  Each LP comes with a digital download of the whole album & 2 vinyl-purchase digital exclusive tracks, a booklet/zine with all the lyrics and liner notes, 2 tracks delivered to your email within 24 hours, some handwritten love from DT hq, and a 3 mil sleeve to keep it all together.

You can Pre-Order here – Pre-Order “Living Is Trying”

More photos of the insert/zine will surface on instagram ASAP, follow us there too if you dont wanna miss it! http://instagram.com/dilatedtime

Heres the first single – that you get NOW (along with the forthcoming & currently-unreleased single) when you pre-order!

OH Also-

John is going on tour and playing all over (including an LP-release instore at Luna music in Indy), so keep an eye on him and us to what the what is –

John –
twitter – @johnisaacedavey
facebook- https://www.facebook.com/pages/JOHN-DAVEY/121910706826
instagram – http://instagram.com/johnisaacdavey

Thanks everyone, for everything.

We Love You.

-DT & JD-