Haptiq – Low Depths

The next Synthetic release from Dilated Time is here – Haptiq’s “Low Depths” is a mix of electronic sounds, organic texture, and groooove.

DTS.6 // Haptiq – Low Depths

Deluxe cardboard sleeve plus a rad sticker, download card for the whole album (plus a remix), and high quality black plastic-lined inner sleeve holding the LP (high quality vinyl pressed in Germany).

Choose white or black vinyl, both limited to 150 each!
(and we have even LESS than that quantity here in the states at DT HQ !! )

Stream and order at these links below – shipping NOW!




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Beautiful, right?

We’re beyond excited about the packaging on this one, its all designed and orchestrated by the genius that is Haptiq.

All tracks written, performed, & produced by Haptiq.

Recorded in Sweetspot Studios, mixed & mastered by Julian Strauch at Sweetspot.

Art by Jack Vanzet.

Design & Layout by Thorben Knodler.

The music & album, the layout & design, and the specific vibe it all collectively conveys is truly 100% the artist’s vision and were honored to be a part of it. (Not to mention the label’s #firstlockedgroove)

We really really really dig it, and hope you do too.

We know it is slightly more expensive than our other releases have been, but it is because of the quality of pressing/packaging and the higher cost that causes; we think it was worth it and hope you do too.

Thanks far beyond what this message can convey; we appreciate your support so very much more than can be said here.
Thank You Thank You Thank You; we sincerely hope that all is well and that life is rich.

-DT & Haptiq-

(Oh and ps, its also available at Luna Music! 🙂 )