New Terrors – “LEAH” on cassette tape!

New Terrors “LEAH” now finally available in physical form!





This is a re-issue of sorts, as it was released digitally by Mr.Sullivan (the man behind the “New Terrors” mask) himself a few years back…DT is finally bringing it to you in physical form!
Being that was released some time ago its fair to say that we have loved this release for YEARS by now! It stands the test of time and thus we cannot recommend it enough! (It has been Ethan’s “summer jammer of 2016”, as a matter of fact).
LEAH was written/performed/programmed by Burke Sullivan and made by Burke Sullivan, Wes DeBoy, Kurt Friedrich & Tim Felton

This is a Limited edition cassette. Pro-duped and features unreleased artwork by Jeff Beaver. Digital download included!

Purchase the cassette (w/ digital d/l) here –

We are releasing this in part with our buddies over at Flannelgraph Records. Flannelgraph has the digital version of “LEAH” available for stream/purchase right here (starting July 15th) –
They released the first New Terrors album “Mother” a few years back and they have blessed us with a limited number of them (on cassette & CD) to sell to YOU!

We  have a limited (to 20) bundle that includes 2 CASSETTES! The new “LEAH” cassette and the debut release from New Terrors “Mother” –


We love New Terrors. We love Flannelgraph Records. We love both albums and simply can’t recommend them enough!

————-Also, Side note(s) about ordering;

1. if you’d like a CD version of “Mother” instead of a cassette with this bundle just mention so in the “comments/message” area on your order. We have a few & We’ll get you sorted out! 🙂
2. If you would like a CT/CD version of “Mother” on its own (without bundling it with LEAH) just click “LEAH cassette” over at the DT store and see the drop-down menu, it has options to order just the Mother CD or CT 🙂 ————————

We appreciate you more than the internet can convey.
Thank You; Thank You; Thank You!