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parco-nazionale-yellowstoneWe will be out of the office and UNABLE TO SHIP ORDERS from august 2nd to August 19th.
If you place an order between those dates it WILL NOT be shipped until the 19th/20th … Sorry for the inconvenience!
We Love You all very very much – thanks for all the support thus far!



Echo Island – Hivernal

The next release on Dilated Time’s Synthetic side is here!

Echo Island’s gorgeous debut full-length album, “Hivernal” is here and we are honored to welcome EI’s new album to the label  as DTS.5

Check out the first single  –

Echo Island is the electronic music venture of Wisconsinite Brad Hawes. For a decade, Hawes cut his teeth playing drums in several local bands in Madison before launching Echo Island in Early 2011. In the first couple years of the project, he wrote two albums and did a handful of remixes trying to find  his footing with Echo Island. More recently, Brad asked his wife Kara to contribute as a member of Echo Island and together the Haweses, wrote and recorded their most recent and most cohesive work to date “Hivernal.” On “Hivernal”, the duo sonically brings you to a wintry Wisconsin on a wind of jazzy ambience.  Much like a white Wisconsin landscape, “Hivernal” can be cold and barren, but more often than not the songs show a strange yet mystic beauty similar to untracked snow in the dead of January.


The official release date is July 8th, but you can pre-order the album now to make sure you get one!
There are only 50 CDs in total and 25 available online, so act fast!
With pre-orders you get some tracks now, the whole album physically and digitally on release day (or earlier!) AND a limited Dilated Time Records CD sampler.

Stream, see pictures of the gorgeous CD, and Pre-order now from our big cartel and/or bandcamp stores –



Also, be on the lookout for Echo Island’s release shows on July 12th and 14th in WI … more details SOON!
Watch their posts and keep in touch!


Thanks everyone ; Sincerely.
We appreciate you and are thankful for each and everyone of you reading this right now.


We’d love to hear what you think – tweet at us too!
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The Delay In The Universal Loop Cassette!

The Delay In The Universal Loop’s new album, “Disarmonia”, is now available on cassette and is up for pre-order at our big cartel store!!! –  http://dilatedtimerecords.bigcartel.com/product/the-delay-in-the-universal-loop-disarmonia


“Disarmonia” is the second release on the Organic side of things, and thus is DTO .2  —

We are ecstatic to share it with you!

It releases officially on March 6th, 2014, but it is streaming now in full ( STREAM HERE!) and is available for pre-order.
There are only 20 available through our online store!
The first 10 receive free hand-made pins by the talented artist who did the cover art, Janeth Davalos.
Every tape is hand-numbered and includes a digital download, sticker (s), and joy as you spend hours pouring over the intricate artwork and listening to awesome Italian-electro-garage vibes from the young and talented Dylan Iuliano (The Delay In The Universal Loop).

SPECIAL DEAL-  FREE SHIPPING on the tape when you order ANY other DT release!
Just order both the cassette and any other LP and make note (By choosing this on the cassette order page) that you want to do this deal and you will be refunded the shipping money for the cassette within 24 hours!
***LPs ordered in this way will be shipped out on March 6th (or slightly before) WITH the “Disarmonia” cassettes***
(There also may or may not be DT samplers shipping with these orders FOR FREE! 🙂 )

BUT enough sales talk- heres a description of Dylan, his new album, and why you will want to snag this tape while you can!

At the age of 17, Dylan Iuliano recorded and produced his first solo
record Disarmonia (meaning Disharmony in Italian) under the moniker The Delay in the Universal Loop.

Dylan Iuliano lives in a small village on a hill in southern Italy (population 500), where time moves at a leisurely pace.
The culmination of all his feelings and musical experiences, the album is entirely self-made,
featuring Iuliano on synthesizers, guitars, bass, piano and vocals. Influenced strongly by ancient philosophy,
each haunting and deeply personal track explores his love for the universe, time, nostalgia and beauty.

That feeling of timelessness permeates the entire album, particularly in the first track. “Flumen”
(meaning “river” in ancient Latin) was inspired by the Heraclitean vision of time, a belief that the world was always in flux.
Disarmonia is a beautiful glimpse into a world outside time.


We sincerely appreciate you and your support.

-Ethan Marosz,
Dilated Time Records

The Eastern Sea – Plague LP ! ! !

We are STOKED to announce the first release on Dilated Time’s Organic division- “Plague” by The Eastern Sea on limited marbled grey vinyl!

Pre-order it here- GUARANTEED FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!  ——>>>       http://dilatedtimerecords.bigcartel.com/

Heres some DEETS about the LP- 

Releasing the beginning of December 2013…GUARANTEED FOR CHRISTMAS!

The Eastern Sea’s fantastic debut full-length album, “Plague”, now available on marbled grey vinyl!
(Hand-Numbered, w/ digital D/L + 9×9 insert with lyrics!)

LTD to 300 copies

This is the first LP released on Dilated Time’s “Organic” division.


As you will see at the store (in the LINK above^^^), there are also two awesome package options that come with a T-shirt and/or The Eastern Sea’s fantastic Christmas album on CD!

And you’ll get it all in time for mistletoe, eggnog, and that movie with Tim the Toolman as Santa Claus- Yay!

Not to mention the test cuts sound incredible- this record was MEANT for vinyl my friends.

Now, to give some background on the label’s involvement; this record has had a great impact on my life.
I was going through alot when it was released digitally and on CD in 2012, and its done alot for me ever since.
Here at DT we absolutely love it, and I can honestly say its changed my life. We hope you love it too.
We are truly honored to put it out on vinyl and have Matthew Hines, Brett Cannon, and the rest of The Eastern Sea crew to thank.

This is DTO.1 LP, the first of many “Organic” releases to come!
I sincerely hope you enjoy both the Organic and Synthetic divisions, and can not thank you all enough for your support.
Thanks, so so so much.
-DT and The Eastern Sea-

Stream Plague to hear why you want it here-

and then Check out more about The Eastern Sea-

Talk Soon!


Cuushe – Butterfly Case On VINYL! ! !

We’re ecstatic to announce DTS.4, the fourth release and newest LP on Dilated Time Records (our Synthetic division) —

“Butterfly Case” by Cuushe is releasing on Limited Edition Color-in-color vinyl/2LP set and available for preorder NOW at our “physical LPs” store-


This is a beautiful Japanese dream-pop album that will break your heart, give you hope, and excite you all in the most delicate of ways.
Here at Dilated Time we absolutely love it and simply can’t wait to make it available on vinyl to all of you.

The album was released a few weeks back by our friends Flau Recordings in Japan (http://www.flau.jp/) on digital and CD, and the LP is what we are co-releasing together!

HERES THE DEEEETS- (Colored Vinyl is very limited, you may want to pre-order sooner than later!) 

Cuushe’s beautiful new full-length album “Butterfly Case” on limited 2LP set! (PRE-ORDER NOW)

-Beautiful “Color-in-Color” Easter Yellow and Baby Pink Vinyl on both LPs (Exclusive to Dilated Time’s webstore- ONLY 125 Colored LPs MADE!)

– Side D of the second LP features 2 fantastic Remixes (VINYL EXCLUSIVES!) by Kidsuke and Affelaye

– Gorgeous artwork by Yoko Kuno

-Comes with digital Download (emailed to you (at Paypal email you provide) within one day of placing your pre-order!)

-Pre-order special price! (Officially releasing in VERY-early 2014)

LTD to 250 copies WORLD-WIDE
(125 Color-in-Color / 125 Black)

This LP is the second LP to be released on Dilated Time’s “Synthetic” division, and is being done so alongside our friends Flau Records out of Japan.

 DTS.4 // FLAU36LP


Heres some info about Butterfly Case, and check out Cuushe and Flau at the links below as well!

““Butterfly Case” is Cuushe’s brand new breath-taking 2nd full length album, coming four years after her beautiful debut “Red Rocket Telepathy” and the subsequent “Girl You Know That I Am Here But The Dream” EP.

While Cuushe’s debut album put more focus on field recordings and found sounds, in “Butterfly Case”, you can see her moving graciously from her dreams into reality, expressing herself with delicate analog tape, distorted synths, drum machines, looped guitars and her signature feathery vocals. This wonderful album is co-produced by flau label mastermind aus, with Geskia at the mastering helm. These astonishing new songs allow us see a new vision, an imagination from Cuushe that we’ve never seen before.

The balearic guitar-house track “I Love You”, which is one of the most popular tracks from the album, has already been receiving raving reviews from the press both in Japan and overseas, while the ambient-ish R&B take in “Hanabi” is a wonderful reminiscent of Cocteau Twins & early 4AD meet soul music. Cuushe’s uniquely beautiful voice, and the delicately beat-driven music that was masterfully produced in “Butterfly Case”, has undoubtedly unfolded a new exciting dimension in dream pop music”

Go check it out and listen to how incredible it is, and Pre-order the gorgeous ltd LP and get the digital version NOW!
Then read all the great reviews, and check out Cuushe and our Japanese label friends at Flau- You’ll be so glad you did!

You are all incredible. We can’t thank you enough for your support.

-Dilated Time, Cuushe, and Flau-

Flau-  http://www.flau.jp/ , https://www.facebook.com/flaumusic
CUUSHE- https://www.facebook.com/cuushe , https://soundcloud.com/cuushe ,  http://cuushe.net/

Read Reviews and STREAM THE ALBUM! –
Gorilla VS Bear (includes stream)- http://www.gorillavsbear.net/2013/09/22/cuushe-butterfly-case/
Pitchfork –  http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/18597-cuushe-butterfly-case/
he FADER (Includes Stream)- http://www.thefader.com/tag/cuushe/
Spin- (Includes Stream) http://www.spin.com/articles/cuushe-i-miss-you-stream-butterfly-case-album/
DUMMY- http://www.dummymag.com/new-music/cuushe-butterfly-case-album-stream
DazedToDigital- http://www.dazeddigital.com/music/article/16650/1/exclusive-cuushes-kyoto-dream-pop
Nerdsist- http://www.nerdist.com/2013/09/music-geek-track-of-the-week-cuushe-sort-of-light/
Bowlegs Interview- http://www.bowlegsmusic.com/features/interviews/an-interview-with-cuushe-33316?amp;utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=an-interview-with-cuushe
Pigeons and Planes- http://pigeonsandplanes.com/2013/09/cuushe-sort-light/
Gold Flake Paint – http://www.goldflakepaint.co.uk/album-stream-cuushe-butterfly-case/
The Guardian – http://www.theguardian.com/music/2012/oct/03/new-band-cuushe
YES/NOMusic – http://www.yesnomusic.co.uk/2013/09/cuushe-butterfly-case-lp.html


There are many, many more as well, were thankful for ALL of them-
Thanks Everyone for the reviews and positive responses to the album!

PS- Heres a great article about Flau Records on one of DT’s favorite blogs – http://finestego.com/2013/10/04/label-special-flau-tokyo-japan/
More updates and pictures will be coming as soon as possible, THANKS!!!!!!!

Records; my friends. Thanks for keeping them alive.

Talk Soon!

-Dilated Time

Organics are c o m i n g g g g g

The organic division is on its way friends.
Look for the first release soon, very soon.
It will be announced in the coming month-ish, its a doozy.
There will be 2 more fourth-coming on that division of the label as well… All to be announced VERY SOON.

We are STOKEDDDDDDDD over here at DT!

We think they are all SOOOOOOOO GOOD. We think you will too.

Sit tight;
but only for a minute longer.

Thanks for the support!




TTTTTTThats right!
Get Loooose
The pre-order “Stellar Edition” of RFP’s “Simply Ravishing”  have sold out!
Thanks all who supported and got one!
If you want an LP and those fantastic remixes you better head to our bandcamp and GET ONE QUICK!
They are still available, and still incredible!
Thanks for the support everyone,

Ravishing Remixes

Red Falcon Projects, “Ravishing Remixes” is available for streaming now!

TOBACCO……… D’arcangelo…………. Discoverer……………Night Sequels………………Mrs Jynx…………Nick Force……Daniel Savio……MMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


Go listen, then pick up the LP and get them as a digital download here-