The Delay In The Universal Loop Cassette!

The Delay In The Universal Loop’s new album, “Disarmonia”, is now available on cassette and is up for pre-order at our big cartel store!!! –


“Disarmonia” is the second release on the Organic side of things, and thus is DTO .2  —

We are ecstatic to share it with you!

It releases officially on March 6th, 2014, but it is streaming now in full ( STREAM HERE!) and is available for pre-order.
There are only 20 available through our online store!
The first 10 receive free hand-made pins by the talented artist who did the cover art, Janeth Davalos.
Every tape is hand-numbered and includes a digital download, sticker (s), and joy as you spend hours pouring over the intricate artwork and listening to awesome Italian-electro-garage vibes from the young and talented Dylan Iuliano (The Delay In The Universal Loop).

SPECIAL DEAL-  FREE SHIPPING on the tape when you order ANY other DT release!
Just order both the cassette and any other LP and make note (By choosing this on the cassette order page) that you want to do this deal and you will be refunded the shipping money for the cassette within 24 hours!
***LPs ordered in this way will be shipped out on March 6th (or slightly before) WITH the “Disarmonia” cassettes***
(There also may or may not be DT samplers shipping with these orders FOR FREE! 🙂 )

BUT enough sales talk- heres a description of Dylan, his new album, and why you will want to snag this tape while you can!

At the age of 17, Dylan Iuliano recorded and produced his first solo
record Disarmonia (meaning Disharmony in Italian) under the moniker The Delay in the Universal Loop.

Dylan Iuliano lives in a small village on a hill in southern Italy (population 500), where time moves at a leisurely pace.
The culmination of all his feelings and musical experiences, the album is entirely self-made,
featuring Iuliano on synthesizers, guitars, bass, piano and vocals. Influenced strongly by ancient philosophy,
each haunting and deeply personal track explores his love for the universe, time, nostalgia and beauty.

That feeling of timelessness permeates the entire album, particularly in the first track. “Flumen”
(meaning “river” in ancient Latin) was inspired by the Heraclitean vision of time, a belief that the world was always in flux.
Disarmonia is a beautiful glimpse into a world outside time.


We sincerely appreciate you and your support.

-Ethan Marosz,
Dilated Time Records